Meet HelloSociety

HelloSociety is a diverse team in many ways, but we share a genuine passion for all things Pinterest. We love what we do, and where we work - you can find us in a sunny Santa Monica office just blocks from the beach, blasting tunes and eating more M&M's than any of our mothers would approve of.



Kyla is an avid Nebraska Cornhusker fan who is admittedly intolerable before her first triple latte of the morning. She tries to balance out her pack-a-day Famous Amos habit with semi-regular Pilates classes, and can be found perusing "Cute Animal" Pinterest boards well into the night.



After doing the whole investment banking thing, Jess left private equity in Boston and headed west for a sunny new life in start-up land. She loves Pinterest despite several epically failed attempts to mimic her favorite pins, including an ill-fated hanging succulent garden.



When he's not incessantly pounding out code on his keyboard, you can find Gabe sailing around the Santa Monica Bay, playing accoustic guitar or tending his vegetable garden. He's originally from Texas (Hook 'em Horns!) but has called Los Angeles home for 14 years.

Catherine is a college football fanatic who drinks way too much black coffee and spends an embarrassing amount of time chasing the sushi burrito food truck around LA. She’s originally from Texas and often misses home until she goes back and remembers what humidity feels like. She has broken 16 bones in her life and hates working out almost as much as she hates pistachios.


Sales Representative

Chloe loves Skittles (but not the green ones), dive bar karaoke, dessert before dinner, and all things sparkly. She is a closet Run-DMC fan, and openly a cookie monster. You can find her sipping on an absurd amount of green tea and busting out mad dance moves around the office.


Director of Influencer Relations

Occasionally, Cortland skateboards to the office from the northlands. And on days when a major campaign is launching, his chihuahua is usually nearby... Indeed, she's his good luck charm.


Brand Sales

Erin recently made the move from Ohio to California to pursue a life frost-free. A lover of traveling and Starbucks, Erin likes experiencing new cities one caramel macchiato at a time. She could not live without her Labradoodle Jack and her (ever-growing) supply of dark chocolate. Erin enjoys a good glass of Chardonnay, '90s one-hit wonders and is an avid runner, however her only marathons to date are those hosted on Netflix.


Influencer Representative

Hope is a West Coast girl at heart. Born in Newport Beach, Hope grew up in Portland, OR, went to college in San Francisco and has finally landed in Santa Monica. While not known for enjoying sweets, she can be found baking up a storm in her free time. Instead, she absolutely loves spicy food and puts Sriracha on everything, and we mean everything!


Sales Representative

Kirby has never met a puppy she didn't like. She's seen Step Brothers 150 times, and can often be found experimenting with new recipes, pursuing adventure, or drooling over wardrobes she can't afford.


Influencer Representative

Kristen can be found singing (poorly) out loud to any song playing, canoodling with her dog, Stella, cooking and eating too much Italian food, and telling exaggerated anecdotes over drinks. She loves concerts, USC Football (Fight On!), family, anything Christmas, and has a soft spot for all things animal.


Creative Campaigns Manager

Mike is a long time tech junkie, cat lover, and an expert maker of a delicious raspberry and dark chocolate mousse.


Platform Architect

Noelia is fond of calling people dah-ling, owns a very well-groomed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Brando, and is best known for wearing six-inch heels that still, sadly enough, really only brings her to shoulder height of everyone else in the office.


Campaigns Manager

Ran's greatest personal struggle in life is trying not to get a pants size bigger. She brings two lunches to work and her desk always has a pile of snack wrappers, tea bags, and tupperware. Her favorite animals are giraffes and she has played almost every single Pokemon game to date.


Campaigns Analyst

When Sam isn't pinning hundreds of similar chocolate chip cookie recipes, she can be found DJing her weekly radio show, the Spin Cycle on KXSC, under the alter ego DJ Dirty T. Although she may be seen as the ultimate girly girl (she doesn't own a single pair of pants), she was on her middle school football team and is shamelessly cocky about her ping pong skills.


Sales Representative

Stephen is a reformed astrophysicist and a bad golfer.


Software Developer

Trish recently relocated to Los Angeles from the Midwest in pursuit of her lifelong goal of appearing on Jeopardy. When she's not crunching numbers, you can find her cooking, playing amateur bartender, and learning the many cultural quirks of her adopted city.


Data Analyst

Victoria has an obsession with running, forces all her friends to workout with her, and on her free time likes to go hiking. She also loves cooking, singing, and is a music fanatic. During Christmas season she becomes an elf. Her two dogs and two cats are her babies. Victoria is a self-proclaimed claustrophobic.


Team Coordinator

Zoe graduated with a degree in advertising from Washington State University. Go Cougs! Her favorite foods are sushi, peanut butter, and raspberries. When she’s not on Pinterest, she can be found working out or watching bad reality tv. She loves to travel, can speak a little German (wunderbar!), and has a goldfish named Hennessy.


Social Media Manager

Brando is HelloSociety's friendly, fuzzy and ever-fattening mascot who enjoys weekly trips to the doggie salon and naps around the office. He can be found gnawing on rawhides, chasing birds and snorting in his sleep.


Office Mascot



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Suite 300
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